Bullet Proof Partnership Program

The US Department of Justice BULLETPROOF VEST PARTNERSHIP provides officers financial support in paying for Bullet Proof Vests with $173 million in federal funds devoted.

To insure that your department is considered, Please follow these simple steps:

STEP 1 - REGISTER Call 1-877-758-3787 or e-mail

STEP 2 - APPLY ONLINE during open enrollment period. Every year open enrollment is announced on the BVP website:
When enrolling be sure to identify the quantity, model type, and estimated cost of Survival Armor® vests desired for your eligible officers.

STEP 3 - PURCHASE VESTS for your department. Funding decisions are made immediately after the “open application period” ends. Applicants are notified via e-mail regarding their approved funding levels. Vests must be purchased after April 1st of the calendar year and must be purchased prior to end of calendar year.

STEP 4 - REQUEST PAYMENT after your Vests are delivered; complete an online receiving report and request for payment.

All Certified models are eligible for BVP funding and may be purchased from any authorized Survival Armor® Distributor.


GSA Contracts GSA works closely with federal agencies and industry partners to satisfy customer’s requirements. GSA's experts help federal agencies meet mission-critical systems life cycle and integration requirements.
Contact: ADS: Phone: 800.948.9433



National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED)

NAPED was created to bring together law enforcement distributors, industry professionals, and manufacturers to form a network for the purpose of mutually sharing the vast amounts of market experience, resources and product knowledge comprised within its membership.


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