Female Concealable Armor

Survival Armor has a complete line of structured NIJ-STD-0101.06 female armor. Armor that is safe and comfortable is in the forefront when developing new innovative packages. There are no compromises in the ballistic fabric layer count with splicing or buildup to make a structured female. Survival Armor’s structured female vests offer our Tri-PAC state-of-the-art “Superimposed” stitching and darting system which creates the custom female shape for all sizes. The vest has more upper chest and under arm coverage for maximum safety and peace of mind. With these features we can offer the most comfortable, high performance female vest on the market today!

Coverage vs comfort, female officers have always had to sacrifice one for the other. With Survival Armor, not anymore! We give you improved fit and protection giving you what you want most, comfort and safety!

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