Special Use

Survival Armor introduces its Flexible Shield Line, both CSAS (Confined Space Assault Shield) and SRS are ideal for tactical operations in planes, trains, buses, ships, and anywhere space is limited. These shields are ideal for active shooter and other high-threat situations and can instantly give the offer on scene upgraded protection.


Tag: Special Use, Military Armor

Survival Armor has designed their ballistic blankets with high performance ballistic packages that offer a combination of IIIA and Mil Spec Fragmentation protection. Our highly maneuverable ballistic blankets can be used in a variety of tactical situations.
These blankets can be used in vehicles, over windows, walls, doors and for man down in active shooter situations.



Tag: Hard Armor, Special Use

• 22” x 55” over all
• 22” x 20” Rigid upper with 4” x 10 viewport
• 22” x 35” Flexible lower
• Double Handles with foam padding
• Fastec buckles to shorten for climbing stairs
• 11” x 4” loop for ID flap
• Seamless Strike Face



Tag: Special Use

• 22" X 48"
• Level IIIA combined with Mil Spec Fragmentation Protection
• Upgradable to level III and IV center torso section
• Overlapping Plate Pockets
• Custom Sizes Available
• Stores handily in trunk
• Velcro to shorten for climbing stairs
• Padded handles


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