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Survival Armor has been awarded a new Department of Homeland Security Contract. The contract was awarded as of November 2011 by the Department of Homeland Security. The 5-year award includes up to 75,000 ballistic vests plus components.

Survival Armor received the award after participants were narrowed down based on strict ballistic requirements and a comprehensive wear test.


The Falcon06 and Phoenix06 models that Survival Armor will be providing were designed by the ballistic experts at Survival Armor and will be solely manufactured by Survival Armor which has been deemed compliant to manufacture these models using the NIJ 0101.06 compliance letter issued only to Survival Armor Inc., and under the strict ISO 9001 quality standards.




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Press release 9-2-2014


Survival Armor® is pleased to announce its patent pending integrated medical kit for concealable body armor.  The integrated medical kit is available as a retrofit kit for all Survival Armor concealable body armor products. It is also available to order built in to your concealable carrier.  The Integrated Medical Kit is an integration of an armor system with medical items used to treat penetrating trauma and control life threatening bleeding. "A primary goal for this integration was to enable individual officers to have the life saving medical items available for immediate use, a kit capable of saving the officer’s life or the lives of others" says Gary Hughes, Director of Special projects. The contents of the kit have been specially chosen for their size, wearability, usefulness and versatility based on TCCC / Combat Lifesaver Guidelines. The kit's small size and unique deployment "ripcord" means officers can have this life saving equipment on their person at all times while working. "The kit is barely noticeable when integrated into the armor system and available when it is needed. A med kit in your trunk does no good when you or someone else is bleeding out inside a building or away from your vehicle" Hughes continued. "You wouldn't dream of going on a call without your firearm, radio or body armor, and now that can include life saving medical items."


Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kurt Osborne, states “The Integrated Medical Kit for Concealable Body Armor is just another example of  how we at Survival Armor are continually looking for ways to help protect America's Law Enforcement Officers, It’s all about Survival!" 











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