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Survival Armor ® introduces its state-of-the art Covert Overt Vest. This vest was designed to give the end-user the ultimate in flexibility in donning body armor. It can go from an Overt Tactical vest to a Covert Concealable vest by removing the front and back panels from the tactical outer shell to the Survival Armor Vertex concealable carrier or the Undercover carrier. The tactical outer shell can also function as an active shooter rig. The end-user already has his concealable vest underneath his uniform and is called into a high threat situation the concealable vest underneath the uniform will function as the front and back panels with the tactical outer shell having additional soft ballistic coverage in the external cummerbund and over the shoulders. The tactical outer shell with the additional soft ballistics, the full 360 MOLLE system, the external dual 8x10 – 10x12 plate pockets will give the end-user protection and functionality needed for any situation.

Standard Features:

  • Mil-Spec Cordura
  • 360 Degree MOLLE
  • Internal Cummerbund
  • External Ballistic Cummerbund
  • Ballistic Shoulder Inserts
  • Heavy Duty Drag Strap
  • External Dual 8x10 and 10x12 plate pockets
  • Removable 6x6 side plate pockets
  • Body Side with padded mesh

Available in all of Survival Armor’s Ballistic Packages

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