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SKU: vertex carrier

The top-of-the-line in concealable carriers, Survival Armor’s Vertex
carrier is designed with comfort in mind. The Vertex is available with all of our ballistic packages.

• Super Mini-Rip Stop outer fabric
• Climate Control, Odor Resistant & Anti-Microbial moisture
management system
• Dual 5 x 8 & 7 x 9 stealth plate pockets
• LDSS, patented Load Distributing Strapping System

• Tails, Hard or Soft plate inserts

Survival Armor introduces our ShockShield Carrier. Upgrade the Vertex carrier to ShockShield, an ElectroShock weapons protection feature that
protects the officer from discharged electricity. The ShockShield upgrade uses a highly conductive, lightweight material to disperse the electric charge.

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