I have been wearing it every day for over 6 months, and am very very happy with its performance.  

The vest is fitted perfectly, and several of the design features detailed below combine to make the Survival Armor Falcon IIIA FEM cut vest the most comfortable and easy to wear concealable ballistic vest I've ever owned.

What I love:

1. The break-in period for this vest was only a week.  The vest was remarkably fast in moulding to my specific shape without any hot spots or chafing.  

2. The curvature profile of the front armor panel was obviously designed from the ground up for women, as opposed to modifications being made to men's panels.  The bust curvature was comfortable while at the same time maintaining contact with my body, making me confident in the maximization of the armor's protection.  

3. Once broken in, the vest held its shape perfectly.

4. The outwardly curving relief cuts in the shoulder straps contributed greatly to comfort and weight distribution over long wear periods.

5. The F7 Trauma plate was properly sized for my vest, and did not change the profile or fit of the front panel when inserted.

6. The vest was lightweight (comparable to many level II vests I've handled / used).

The Survival Armor Falcon IIIA Female concealable body armor is the most comfortable ballistic vest I've ever used, striking a smart balance of protection, mobility and comfort.  It has my unrestrained endorsement for any woman needing concealment body armor

Kris Rambur

LMS Defense

"I wanted to take a few seconds to comment about the Survival Armor vest that I was issued from my Department.  I was asked to give the vest a “test run” before the Department placed an order. My Chief wanted to ensure that the Survival Armor was the right choice for our officers. That being said, when I received my vest, I knew my evaluation was going to influence many hard working men and women protecting our City on a daily basis. After wearing the vest for a month I was already completely satisfied. I have rarely been issued a piece of equipment that far exceeded my expectations. This vest did just that. "The outer material is absolutely fantastic. Its shell is breathable and durable. I also have a bigger coverage area then I did with the other vests I tested.  The Survival Armor vest is also twice as thin as my “other” vest. The fact that the vest is form fitting without the loss of mobility is a huge understatement. Nothing about this vest restricts movement in any way. The weight of the Survival Armor vest is fantastic. Compared to the other vests that I have worn, it is exceptionally lightweight. I have a full range of motion with full ballistic protection and barely notice I have it on. 

In closing, this is the best vest I have ever worn, period. 

Thank you for suggesting the Survival Armor vest.  I challenge any Department to find a better vest for their officers."

Det. M. Tout
Special Investigations Unit
Alpharetta Police Department

"While apprehending an escaped state prisoner who was on a shooting spree, killing one person, I was shot in the chest. The shooter was only three feet away when he popped from the trunk of a car and began shooting. I took a direct hit to my body armor, over my heart, but was able to stay in the fight. I only had a small amount of bruising, and was able to get home to my family safe. My body armor saved my life."

Trooper Stephen G.

A note from the manufacturer:
Trooper Stephen G was wearing a Falcon6 level II armor when he was shot.

"I wanted to take a few moments to write about my issued Survival body armor. About four months ago, I was told to test new body armor for our police department. At the time, I was wearing another popular manufacturer and was very pleased with my armor. Matter of fact, I had chosen our body armor for the department and was not interested in changing to another manufacturer. However I was quickly proven wrong. After being fitted for a new set of Survival Armor, I instantly became a huge fan. During my fifteen year career, I have worn several different types and manufacturers of armor. As of today, my Survival Armor is the most comfortable and best fitting armor I have ever worn. From day one, the armor has performed above my expectations and the comfort far surpasses all other concealable armor!

In short, I am thankful for my Survival armor and am proud to wear it on duty!"

Lieutenant Jake King
Marietta Police Dept., Marietta, Ga.

"I was first concerned about the weight difference of a Falcon 3A, but after wearing it for a couple of days it feels like it is the same weight as my previous vest. I have more protection and I feel more secure with it on. The vest is also very slimming compared to my previous vest (for some reason my old one would bunch up and be awkward and I had to constantly pull it back down). The new vest stays down the whole shift with minimal effort. While we don't look for a situation to have to use the vest, I am grateful that I have this one because I know I'm better protected. Thanks for making me a part of the testing process. The previous vest I was wearing was a Level 2 Second Chance vest and I went to a Level 3A Survival Armor vest and the difference is incomparable!!!! The Survival Armor vest is second to none."
Deputy Jennifer Turner
Cherokee County SO, GA

"I am not good at writing these so who ever reads it will know it was not written for me it was from the heart.  As you know I am a 20 year veteran of the Fulton County Sheriffs Office in Atlanta GA.   One of the things I have been famous for throughout my career is complaining and not complying with the "Wear Your Vest Policy". Well I have had the unique chance to try your new product Survival Amour "Falcon" and let me tell you, it has been the most comfortable vest I have ever had. I have paid out of my own pocket for $1,000.00 vests that don't fit, or wear as well as this one. And the Customer Support that went along with it, explaining verbally in person about how to care for the vest was outstanding. It has been an honor to try your product and if the County did not pay for it, and decided to use another company, I would out of my own pocket once again purchase "Your Product". Thank you again."
Deputy Sheriff II Shon L. (Woody) Woodall
Fulton County SO, GA

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